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Get More Consumer Data in Every Media and Activation Campaign

FMCG Distribution Model in most SEA countries meets the challenges of collecting consumer data to build a direct channel. PangoCDP provides a local approach to help FMCG brands engage with consumers effectively.
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PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

Attract more consumers, faster

Marketing is not a battle of products; it’s a battle of perceptions, and the consumer’s mind plays a decisive role. When customers stand in front of shelves in supermarkets, outlets,… are you at the “top of mind” of customers despite communication efforts? PG distributes samples while taking the customer’s name, phone number, and email address. What will you do next?

PangoCDP can link customer data in every online-to-offline communication campaign, use gamification to optimize marketing budgets, and encourage shoppers to share their community for you, narrowing customer choices, increasing engagement, and increasing revenue.

Accurately collect real-time data to automatically generate customer interactions, increasing campaign efficiency by 4 times.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng

The Master Channel for Outlet - Increase engagement, increase order value

In “motorbike culture” countries, FMCG outlets can number in the millions. PangoCDP can help build direct communication to increase outlet ordering through personalized messages, gamification,… through social chat. With PangoCDP, FMCG brands can reach outlets more frequently and, more importantly, measure the actual effectiveness of their communication campaigns.

With a scale of up to hundreds of thousands of points of sale, PangoCDP creates an outlet network, turns the outlet into a place to engage with consumers, and brings consumers to the outlet more and more proactively. Help increase the ability to sell quickly, increase profit.

Use Case

Gamifying the Master Channel blur the lines between traditional advertising and entertainment, engaging consumers with brands at a deeper level.
Master Channel
Inspire consumers to share with their loved ones with PangoCDP. The system will calculate the number of friends invited and pay the offer. Coupons/ recharges can be redeemed online or via PG/ Outlet.
Master Channel
Customer Service
PG/Outlet invite consumer who meet the Promotion Scheme or play Mini Game then redeem in place. PangoCDP enables Mini Game campaigns to be run efficiently and completely automated.
Master Channel
Customer Service
PangCDP helps FMCG businesses create an interactive "Master Channel" with customers. With engaging experiences, you can convert consumer sampling into loyal customers.
Master Channel
Data Collection
Convert stamps automatically to listed gifts & find the place that can redeem gifts with PangoCDP through Zalo OA, encouraging use and measuring campaign effectiveness.
Master Channel
Customer Service
Consumer can scratch & scan QR code on Product (after purchase) & submit info. PangoCDP verify the submitted info & send instant e-Voucher/ Top-Up
Master Channel
Customer Service

Hear it from our customers

PangoCDP is our partner! They enthusiastically support us with their solid expertise and in-depth retail experience, helping us to reach our business goals.
Ms. Ly Nguyen
Online Growth Manager at TBS Retail
We also enter data into PangoCDP and monitor daily reports. The information that PangoCDP collects will be monitored by our customer service department, which will immediately handle the problem for customers within 24 hours. As a result, the customer experience with Couple TX service is enhanced, which increases the closing rate.
Mr. Kien Nguyen
Digital Transformation Manager at Couple Group
The key to successful implementation of the Master Channel is customer data. Those who have the most end-user data in their hand possess the most competitive advantage. Therefore, we need a centralized data system such as PangoCDP to fulfill that role.
Dr. Mai Thanh Viet
Deputy CEO at Nutifood
I appreciate the PangoCDP team! They provide us with the facilitation to utilize customer data and automate the marketing for the Mykingdom toy store chain!
Ms. Ngoc Dang
Founder & CEO at VTA Group
Linking data from the customer's purchase journey from online to offline has allowed us to clearly see how the impact of media is sufficient and appropriate. PangoCDP helps us create a direct connection channel for the next interaction without having to "re-pay" for Digital Ads. With more in-depth customer profiles, we are able to enhance our e-commerce conversion rate.
Mr. Thinh Nguyen
Deputy Director of Marketing at CellphoneS

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about pangoCDP.

  • Lowering all barriers and complexity of system and data integration by providing a lean approach, selecting the appropriate business cases to prove the outcome in the shortest time while providing full visibility of CDP usage in the long run.
  • PangoCDP is off-the-shelf software that optimizes the project implementation process to meet budget and time requirements.
  • PangoCDP integrated more than 50 connections to the most popular digital channels, giving you complete control when interacting directly with customers.
  • Over 90 brands, including FMCG, retail, manufacturing, service businesses, automation, and marketing agencies, have chosen PangoCDP.
  • PangoCDP learns and grows with brands at competitive prices by deeply understanding their challenges, particularly those of Vietnamese businesses.
  • To ensure that every PangoCDP client is successful, PangoCDP provides a rich set of complementary supporting services. PangoCDP’s team of solution works closely with every client to ensure a smooth and customized product launch. We do not just sell technology, we become growth partners.
  • While many CDP base on the “high standard” data to provide advance data modelling, PangoCDP will choose to help marketers improve the campaign everyday. By providing a colorful experience to attract more customers to engage, PangoCDP is not “waiting” for the ideal situation of “data”. We help brands get more consumer data and reuse it from campaign to campaign.
  • Not only is collecting customer data important, but PangoCDP also assists in the creation of a “The Master Channel” to reach customers.
  • Help marketers deepen brand love with individualized customer experiences, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

On average, PangoCDP costs about a few thousand dollars per month, depending on contact volume and e-commerce website traffic. Unlimited access to all features like segmentation, automation, and connection allows brands to build their own use cases.

In the event that a brand needs the PangoCDP team’s service to build and tune a use case or campaign, the cost will depend on the actual effort.

In addition to the core product, we offer you the option to purchase a number of add-on products across different channels. All add-on products are priced separately.

A brief initial conversation with one of our analysts to figure out the nature of your business and pick up the use cases to try in the 3-month pilot phase.

Less than 4 weeks for data integration and building the first use case. Then we monitor and fine-tune to achieve the desired result. Along the way, we plan together for the next use case and campaign.