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Nutifood x Master Channel

Synthesized and processed customer profiles, dividing them into 65 different segments, and successfully applying 55 automatic flows.
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng
Use Case
Build up-sell and cross-sell scenarios for customers and measure effectiveness.
Master Channel
Digital Messaging
Track customer journey from online website until they purchasing at offline store (O2O)
Listen to customer feedback to improve service. PangoCDP helps to automatically send a survey to a customer after they complete an order in a store or eCom.
Master Channel
Feedback & Surveys
Data Collection
PangCDP helps FMCG businesses create an interactive "Master Channel" with customers. With engaging experiences, you can convert consumer sampling into loyal customers.
Master Channel
Data Collection
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Customer Segments

55 +

Automation flow


Increase quantity of sampling broadcast

About Nutifood

Nutifood is the leading F&B company in Vietnam, with a market share of 22% and a 1.77-times advantage over the next-ranked company in the same field.

Nutifood has ranked first in baby-milk sales for 3 consecutive years with the GrowPLUS+ product line (according to a research report on the Vietnamese market in the period from December 2020 to November 2021 data from Nielsen) and has achieved many awards and positive reviews from prestigious organizations such as Forbes and Euromonitor International on brand and product development.


PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng

The problem is how Nutifood can still attract quality customers, lower dropout rates, improve customer experience and execute successful communication campaigns on a tight budget.


Nutifood has developed its Master Channel using PangoCDP to address various business challenges.

1/ The platform’s solutions have enabled Nutifood to enhance its customer data collection activities, such as new-tactic sampling activation campaigns through Master Channel, or other activation at events’ venues. The Master Channel has been deployed across all Nutifood brands, including GrowPlus+, Värna, Nuvi Grow, and others.

2/ After collecting customer identification data, Nutifood analyzes it to determine key milestones and select the appropriate product line to reach customers with personalized scenarios.

  • The collected customer data is segmented by demographics, geography, purchase behavior, and engagement, and then is used to apply the Customer Journey framework.
  • This framework helps Nutifood build automated and personalized customer care and interaction scenarios for each customer stage, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and generating conversions.
  • To always keep the connection warm with customers at an optimal cost, Nutifood uses Master Channel via Zalo OA Message to create colorful interactions.
  • Interactive scenarios are also implemented to define strategies to convert customers from competitors.
  • PangoCDP and the brand teams collaborate to build and deploy personalized automated scripts to take care of customers through Master Channel. This helps improve conversion rates and optimize costs, allowing Nutifood to deeply connect with customers through mini games on Master Channel via Zalo, and creating a premise for taking care of customers.
  • Finally, Nutifood implements an automatic new product introduction campaign and learns about customers’ needs using Pango Form via the Zalo channel.

3/ When these campaigns are implemented, PangoCDP provides statistical and analytical reports that enable Nutifood to make timely adjustments and improve the campaigns’ performance.

  • The real-time reports allow Nutifood to assess the effectiveness of each campaign and come up with appropriate strategies.
  • By leveraging the data from these reports, Nutifood gains useful insights into customer behavior and preferences. These insights allow Nutifood to continue launching campaigns that are tailored to customers’ needs and interests.


In just 6 months, Nutifood achieved unexpected success, laying the foundation for proactively creating new campaigns to serve their marketing goals.

  • Synthesized and processed customer profiles, dividing them into 65 different segments, and successfully applying 55 automatic flows.
  • Upgrading the Activation model through Master Channel has attracted thousands of customers to register and receive sampling during the event at the Nutifood Swedish Nutrition Research Institute (NNRIS) Hanoi, an increase of more than 3.5 times compared to before using the PangoCDP application. They also maximized the performance of PG, with each of them broadcasting nearly 7 times more sampling than the previous.
  • Operated 6 campaigns with fully collected data, monitored campaigns with real-time data, automated follow-up scenarios, and automatic data flow integration with Salesforce CRM system.
  • Deployed customer journey for each brand: When customers join campaigns/activations, data will be automatically streamed to help Nutifood identify new/old customers and mapped into the journey to nurture and take care of them automatically.

Not only does PangoCDP bring direct effects to each campaign, but in terms of sustainability, with the collected data, Nutifood understands what that data says, knows which customers need to be prioritized, and can proactively set up scenarios with appropriate messages to reach them.

These campaigns were successful thanks to Nutifood’s innovative approaches to new techniques and the inventiveness of each Brand team. In other words, the ultimate purpose of marketing efforts is to increase user numbers, generate sales, and turn potential consumers into loyal fans. PangoCDP undoubtedly aids Nutifood in achieving these objectives by integrating with powerful applications like Zalo.

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The key to successful implementation of the Master Channel is customer data. Those who have the most end-user data in their hand possess the most competitive advantage. Therefore, we need a centralized data system such as PangoCDP to fulfill that role.
Dr. Mai Thanh Viet
Deputy CEO at Nutifood
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng

Other Case Studies

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Even though owning data brings many benefits to business operations, collecting and analyzing data from Outlets is not a simple task for FMCG companies.