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Press Release

08 Dec 2023
When discussing customers of an FMCG business, it's necessary to address both target groups: Outlets (points of sale) and End-Users (consumers). Part 1 of the series covered Outlet data; in this Part 2, let's explore consumer data together.
08 Dec 2023
When discussing customers of an FMCG business, it's important to consider both target groups: Outlets (points of sale) and End-Users (consumers). In this first article of the series, let's delve into Outlet data together.
17 Nov 2023
The common characteristic of Super Apps is to initiate a feature that gains a large user base, then gradually add multiple other features to provide integrated (all-in-one) services for users. However, each Super App, depending on the developer's purpose, will have its own unique characteristics.
12 Nov 2023
In 2022, initiated for the first time by Dr. Dinh Mong Kha and the Pango Team, the concept of 'The Master Channel' immediately captured the attention of marketers and business owners in Vietnam.
12 Nov 2023
The Super App trend is gaining strong momentum globally, especially in regions with large mobile user bases such as Asia. How have leading global brands leveraged the boom of Super Apps like WeChat to build multi-dimensional interaction channels with their customers? And what lessons can Vietnamese businesses learn?
12 Nov 2023
There are many channels for customers to interact with businesses. However, there is one interactive channel where customers will have superior experiences, and that is: The Master Channel.
12 Nov 2023
With The Master Channel, businesses can focus on building a dominant interactive channel based on a suitable technology platform. Other interactive channels will direct customers to The Master Channel to provide the best experiences at the most reasonable cost. So, between Omni Channel and The Master Channel, which is the best choice for businesses?
27 Oct 2023
When a new concept emerges, there will be various skeptical opinions about its effectiveness and value. Even if its effectiveness has been proven, "The Master Channel" is still questioned and compared to the previous trend that has existed for over 10 years - Omni Channel.
29 Sep 2023
September 2023 is marked by the signing ceremony of a collaboration agreement between Insider, VietGuys, and PangoCDP. The goal of this partnership is to bring groundbreaking solutions to businesses in various sectors such as FMCG, Retail, F&B, Finance, Banking, Insurance, etc. The aim is to establish effective interaction channels and diversify customer experiences through the Super App.