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Partner with PangoCDP

We can show you the value that pangoCDP brings to our services, technology, and data partners. We support you with the tools you need to promote our products and earn a substantial commission.
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Why Become a Partner?

PangoCDP partners with Agencies, System Integrators, Consultancies, Value Added Resellers (VAR), and other leading influencers to deliver complete and integrated data-driven solutions to our end clients. Each partnership reflects PangoCDP’s compliance and standards, the depth of technical expertise, training, and certification, and the partner’s business investment. We work closely with our partners based on a system of mutual trust and support.
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng
Provides consulting on business, technology, sales, marketing, or customer service strategies.
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng
Provides tech implementation that handles CRM, systems integrations, or IT services.
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng
Provides hands-on services in marketing, sales, or customer service.
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What our partner saying!

Pango is Zalo Mini App's first partner in providing solutions for the FMCG, F&B, and Retail. Zalo team highly appreciates Pango's contribution in the pioneering role of efficiently harnessing Zalo Mini App. With their professional expertise, deep industry understanding, and profound knowledge of the platform, PangoCDP is an important partner in bringing Zalo Mini App closer to businesses and providing comprehensive solutions to help businesses connect with customers.
Mr. Le Anh Tu
Senior Product Manager Zalo Mini App
With similarities in the core values developed by the two parties, VietGuys has collaborated, applied, and distributed the technology solution model of PangCDP to upgrade messaging services to an approach and strategy for a comprehensive customer experience named Master Channel: How to Build and Warm. This is a strong growth driver in many aspects, enhancing the reputation of both companies and contributing to helping customers develop sustainably based on data-driven.
Ms. Dinh Mong Kha
CEO VietGuys
PangoCDP • Just another WordPress site

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