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Coca-Cola x PangoCDP

Coca-Cola launched the “Giờ nghỉ bừng hứng khởi” communication campaign, featuring the engaging two-way interactive game “Giai điệu bừng hứng khởi - Ahhh cùng Coca-Cola” on Zalo Mini App. After one month, the campaign has attracted over 75,000 players, with over 1.5 million game plays, and the number is still growing (Source: Coca-Cola Fanpage).
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Use Case
Gamifying the Master Channel blur the lines between traditional advertising and entertainment, engaging consumers with brands at a deeper level.
Master Channel
PangCDP helps FMCG businesses create an interactive "Master Channel" with customers. With engaging experiences, you can convert consumer sampling into loyal customers.
Master Channel
Data Collection
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After one month, the campaign has attracted over 75,000 players, with over 1.5 million game plays, and the number is still growing (Source: Coca-Cola Fanpage).

Introduction of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a beverage company and a manufacturer, retailer, and promoter of multinational soft drinks, established in 1892 in the USA. It entered the Vietnamese market in 1994 with three factories in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang. The company is best known for its soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc. Coca‑Cola has gradually become a part of everyone’s life, from festivals and special events to daily consumption habits. From iconic brands and advertising to global sustainable development initiatives, Coca‑Cola aims to innovate the world and make a difference. In 2022, Coca-Cola was honored in the Top 4 of Vietnam’s Sustainable Development Enterprises for the seventh consecutive year.


In the FMCG industry, especially with low-value products, due to the commonality and similarity among products in the same category, consumers often have many alternative choices when needed. Therefore, brands often compete by creating and attracting consumers with entertaining campaigns. Companies like Coca-Cola always have a lot of ideas to create a “top of mind” effect. Coca-Cola constantly strives to create campaigns with excellent content that resonates with users’ lifestyles such as music and sports. And in a world where everyone uses mobile phones, games are a favored type of content and easily accessible to users due to their high entertainment value.

Solution – Gamifying The Master Channel

Using game elements in marketing activities (Gamification) will help businesses increase the rate of customer interest and interaction in a short period, thereby retaining them for longer. This enhances the ability to convert and increases revenue for the business.

  • It increases customer interaction with messages from the business. The design of the game is integrated with the message that the business wants to convey.
  • Easy collection of customer data: With the stimulation and excitement that games bring, user data can be easily collected through the gaming process without creating a feeling of “having to provide data” like other forms.
  • Increase the conversion rate when combining rewards such as Vouchers, discount coupons, gifts, etc. Most customers will value using a Voucher when they have to “compete” and “win” to get it.

To successfully deploy the campaign for the Coca-Cola brand, The Master Channel along with the power of the duo Zalo OA – Zalo Mini App with various applications about gamification was chosen. Once user behavior is captured through games or other activities, businesses need a unified data place to continuously monitor user interactions. This data will then be automatically segmented based on the needs and behaviors of each customer. This helps businesses to develop suitable approach and interaction scenarios.

Story of Coca Cola’s “Giờ nghỉ bừng hứng khởi” Campaign

Coca-Cola launched the “Giờ nghỉ bừng hứng khởi” communication campaign with WPP OpenX Vietnam across social media channels, featuring the engaging two-way interactive game “Giai điệu bừng hứng khởi – Ahhh cùng Coca-Cola” on Zalo Mini App. Users simply need to scan a code or access a link to go directly to the game interface without needing to download the game app or log in to record rewards. By just agreeing to share information, turning on the mic and camera, they can easily join in the game, laughing and enjoying themselves. In addition to the engaging gameplay, Coca-Cola also created a series of colorful communications across social channels with compelling content aimed at spreading Coca-Cola more broadly.

Customer 360-degree information will be recorded and synthesized in real-time by the customer data platform – PangoCDP, including all behaviors within the game. This data is the foundation for the marketing team to segment groups based on criteria such as age, gender, preferences, gaming behavior, address, etc., helping in personalized re-engagement through Zalo OA messages at a much more optimized cost. Proactively owning customer data serves long-term goals in care, sales, and integration with advertising platforms to run retargeting campaigns more efficiently and cost-effectively, marking a breakthrough in this campaign. Why should it be games in the battle to attract customer attention? With the support of PangoCDP, we see that gaming is not just about playing; it’s a clever combination of entertainment, sampling, and loyalty. After completing the game, depending on the points customers achieve, they will receive corresponding gifts and can immediately redeem them at convenience stores. This helps make Coca-Cola products increasingly popular in the market, deeply ingrained in consumers’ lives.

PangoCDP will integrate behavioral data along with data related to rewards and redemption status into a voucher wallet. This allows users to track their reward points and encourages them to invite friends to play together to earn more plays, aiming to redeem even more prizes.


After one month, the campaign has attracted over 75,000 players, with over 1.5 million game plays, and the number is still growing (Source: Coca-Cola Fanpage).

This is an amazingly successful ad for Coca-Cola, especially in terms of data. This is thought to be the most robust statistical foundation, paving the way for an increase in sales throughout the forthcoming holiday season!

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