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CellphoneS x PangoCDP

CellphoneS has achieved 250% growth in customer profiles, 460 customer segments, 35% growth in ROAS, and a 28% reduction in CPA after 9 months with PangoCDP
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Use Case
Customers can find and interact with sales staff who have served customers before, or find the nearest store through the "Master Channel".
Master Channel
Customer Service
PangCDP helps in increasing the rate of "active members" by automatically sending reminders to customers who are about to rank up or whose accumulation points are about to expire.
Master Channel
Convert stamps automatically to listed gifts & find the place that can redeem gifts with PangoCDP through Zalo OA, encouraging use and measuring campaign effectiveness.
Master Channel
Customer Service
350-352 Vo Van Kiet Street, Co Giang Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Growth in Conversion Online


Growth in Revenue Online.


Growth in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).


Reduction CPA (Cost Per Action).


Growth in customer profiles (contact phone/email from channels).

About Client

CellphoneS has been operating for 10 years and is one of the 3 largest mobile phone and laptop retail systems in Vietnam, besides Mobile World and FPT Shop.

CellphoneS has become a strategic partner of leading distributors and brands such as Samsung, Apple, Asus, Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo,…. CellphoneS currently has 100 stores nationwide with a system of 20 shops, repair and warranty service, Dien Thoai Vui. With the goal of developing online channels, CellphoneS website is currently in the top 5 in the mobile and laptop industry, behind 4 other big players such as Mobile World, Dien May Xanh, Samsung, FPT Shop.

PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng


Prior to the implementation of the PangoCDP, CellphoneS’s data streams were disconnected and siloed across channels and locations. Without a central database, opportunities to capture and draw insights from data were lost.

“It was really a two-dimensional overview of our consumers and we didn’t really have an understanding of what a journey looked like. We needed to bring it all together to better serve the customer.” says Thinh Nguyen, Vice President of Marketing at CellphoneS.

In other words, CellphoneS needed to be able to capture and interpret data at every touchpoint – including online, in-store, customer service,… – and consolidate that data into a single customer view in order to offer a seamless and personalized customer experience. That’s where PangoCDP came in.


CellphoneS used the PangoCDP to achieve a single customer view, identify high-value customers, significantly improve campaign revenue using customer segmentation, and minimize irrelevant messages.

All data one place

PangoCDP connects, collects, and unifies data sources into one place; “cleaning” it is required before proceeding with the next steps.

360 Customer View

This is extremely important. It helps CellphoneS understand customers’ behavior, engagement, shopping history, relationship and information they are affected by which ads lead to purchasing decisions. From there, creating the Master Channel for the next engagement without having to “re-pay” for Digital Ads.

Real-time Segmentation

The combination of customer data from Online such as interactions with the brand via Website, Fanpage, Chat… to Offline such as personal information and purchase history, helps CellphoneS create more than 460 different customer segments, used for advertising and Upsell & Cross-Sell campaigns.

Personalization & Activation

Communicate the right message to the right user at the right time and on the right channel in real time. PangoCDP has built-in tools for CellphoneS to build marketing automation and customer experience scripts, engage with customers directly via email, SMS, messaging,….

The application of an automated script to the customer journey is continuously monitored and evaluated to make appropriate adjustments and create the best customer experience.

In-depth Report

PangoCDP provides in-depth reporting systems from Marketing to Sales, helping CellphoneS closely control the effectiveness of each campaign. This is the basis for CellphoneS to continuously improve the quality of the customer experience.

By partnering with PangoCDP, CellphoneS team was able to do just that. With the PangoCDP and the efforts and determination to convert from the CellphoneS team, CellphoneS achieved a number of goals, including:

  • An in-depth understanding of their customers.
  • Advanced audience segmentation and automation.
  • High-value customer acquisition.
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) growth via upselling and cross-selling.

The Results

Here’s an overview of their experience with PangoCDP. After 3 months, we had the following results:

  • 4.9 is a rating on Google Business
  • 30% Growth in Conversion Online
  • 25% Growth in Revenue Online

And after 9 months:

  • 250% Growth in customer profiles (contact phone/email from channels)
  • 460 Customer segments, used for advertising and Upsell & Cross-Sell campaigns
  • 35% Growth in ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)
  • 28% Reduction CPA (Cost Per Action)

Optimize operating costs and increase customer experience and, at the same time, do not create SPAM information and annoy customers (iPhone 13, SS Galaxy Ultra Campaigns)

PangoCDP • Just another WordPress site
Linking data from the customer's purchase journey from online to offline has allowed us to clearly see how the impact of media is sufficient and appropriate. PangoCDP helps us create a direct connection channel for the next interaction without having to "re-pay" for Digital Ads. With more in-depth customer profiles, we are able to enhance our e-commerce conversion rate.
Mr. Thinh Nguyen
Deputy Director of Marketing at CellphoneS
PangoCDP • Just another WordPress site

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