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Pizza Hut x The Master Channel

Vouchers are considered an effective tool frequently used by F&B chains like Pizza Hut. Voucher distribution campaigns do not just focus on the discount value. So, what are the factors that contribute to the success of a voucher distribution campaign?
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Use Case
Gamifying the Master Channel blur the lines between traditional advertising and entertainment, engaging consumers with brands at a deeper level.
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Send personalized messages with birthday vouchers to your customers and automate them with PangoCDP. Remind customers about it and keep track of whether or not they use it.
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Customer Service
Colect data, Segmentation & Marketing automation campaigns
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Customer Service
Invite customers who meet the Promotion Scheme or play Mini Game then redeem at event. PangCDP helps Real Estate & Automative businesses create an interactive "Master Channel" with customers.
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Data Collection
Digital Messaging
Build up-sell and cross-sell scenarios for customers and measure effectiveness.
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Digital Messaging
Track customer journey from online website until they purchasing at offline store (O2O)
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After 2 months of implementation, the campaign achieved a voucher redemption and usage rate of up to 59.6%.

Pizza Hut, VietGuys, and PangoCDP collaborate to enhance customer experience

About Pizza Hut

With over 18,000 branches worldwide, Pizza Hut has become one of the largest and most developed pizza brands in the market. Pizza Hut has been present in Vietnam since 2006 and has now developed 124 restaurants with over 3,000 employees. Currently, Pizza Hut Vietnam is owned by Jardine Matheson Group, an international conglomerate with many famous brands.


Increasing sales is the top priority for businesses, and F&B is no exception, especially during festive seasons. The increasingly fierce competition and constantly evolving customer preferences make achieving this goal more difficult than ever.

Vouchers are commonly regarded as an effective tool regularly utilized by F&B chains like Pizza Hut. However, many mistakenly assume that voucher campaigns merely engage in a silent tug-of-war for market share through the narrative of value propositions – essentially suggesting, “If you offer me a better deal than your competitor, I’ll choose to buy from you”.

Pizza Hut x VietGuys x PangoCDP collaborate to elevate the customer experience.

This may not be correct!

Aside from strategies regarding products and stores, voucher campaigns don’t just stop at determining the value of the offer.

How to ensure vouchers reach the right customers, ignite the right desires, and drive them to make purchases is the challenge Pizza Hut has set for the VietGuys and PangoCDP team in this collaboration!

Voucher Drop Campaign with The Master Channel

The Master Channel is a concept initiated by Dr. Dinh Mong Kha and the PangoCDP team, encompassing methods and toolkits to help businesses build a “dominant” interaction channel with customers. If compared to the concept of Omni Channel, investing in The Master Channel means focusing resources on a primary channel to create better experiences for customers at a lower cost. The Master Channel is built on the foundation of customer data combined with Super Apps (such as MoMo, Zalo, etc.).

The advantages that businesses gain through sending Vouchers on The Master Channel include:

  • Messages are conveyed in a colorful, personalized, and emotionally engaging manner, stimulating customer desire to use Vouchers and potentially share them with friends and family if the offer is appealing enough.
  • Messages can be tailored to reflect the brand’s personality and identity.
  • Cost optimization is achieved through various messaging options on platforms like Zalo, such as Zalo ZNS Templates or Zalo Followers, which offer very affordable or even free broadcasting options.
  • Automated reminders are sent to customers as Vouchers approach their expiration dates.
  • Customers can easily find online stores to redeem Vouchers, and they can even place orders and make payments within a single application.
  • Comprehensive, real-time reports are provided on the number of Voucher recipients, the number of people who provide information and redeem Vouchers, where they redeem them, etc., helping businesses quickly understand all customer behaviors and campaign outcomes.

With the support of the PangoCDP team, distributing Vouchers through The Master Channel can also be combined with various other objectives, depending on each business. In the case of Pizza Hut, the objectives include:

  • Increasing the redemption and usage rate of vouchers.
  • Boosting sales during peak seasons.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Retaining existing customers.

Pizza Hut and Voucher Drop Campaign through The Master Channel

The customer journey starts with seeing advertisements introducing the voucher giveaway campaign for users following Pizza Hut’s official account on various social media channels and on the pizza box lid. They simply need to scan the access code for the campaign, which will lead them to a survey Mini App to claim their reward.

After providing their information, they will receive the voucher in barcode form. Just present this barcode to the cashier when making a purchase and enjoy a discount of 100K.

Click here to experience Pizza Hut’s campaign 

PangoCDP system will provide detailed real-time reports on customer interactions such as form opening times, information filling, OA tracking, etc. The Pizza Hut campaign operations team can vividly envision the comprehensive journey of data from collection to various online and offline touchpoints. This allows them to devise reasonable access and re-engagement strategies using pre-defined interaction scenarios to optimize campaign performance.


After 2 months of implementation, the campaign achieved a redemption and usage rate of 59.6%. 

VietGuys and PangoCDP appreciate the opportunity to accompany Pizza Hut in enhancing customer experience through interactive activities on The Master Channel. We believe that the upcoming campaign will serve as a lever for Pizza Hut’s remarkable growth strides.

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