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Send messages to your customers about products they’ve added to their cart

Automation workflow to trigger personalized messages to users who abandoned cart on eCom but not purchase at any channel, remind them to complete checkout OR invite them to purchase offline.
Send messages to your customers about products they've added to their cart.

Workflow to detect cart abandonment, check if they haven’t purchase in any channel.

Then send remind via SMS, Email, Zalo


  • Statistics on sent reminders
  • Revenue

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Consumer can scratch & scan QR code on Product (after purchase) & submit info. PangoCDP verify the submitted info & send instant e-Voucher/ Top-Up
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PangCDP helps FMCG businesses create an interactive "Master Channel" with customers. With engaging experiences, you can convert consumer sampling into loyal customers.
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Listen to customer feedback to improve service. PangoCDP helps to automatically send a survey to a customer after they complete an order in a store or eCom.
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PangCDP helps in increasing the rate of "active members" by automatically sending reminders to customers who are about to rank up or whose accumulation points are about to expire.
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