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Voucher drop – What strategy can retailer use to “reach the top”?

The “super privilege” of the voucher drop through The Master Channel is the “make-up” message full of emotions, personality and brand identity.
Thanh Tran
06 May 2024
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Voucher dop is an effective advertising and promotion tool, a “heavy weapon” of retailers in creating excitement for customers to shop and promote sales. However, in the middle of the war of distributing vouchers that are not balanced with e-commerce giants, retailers are forced to find a way to optimize the voucher drop strategy to boost sales.

Voucher drop – the heavy weapon of the retailer

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
Vouchers are the “heavy weapon” of retailers in creating excitement for customers to shop and boost sales.

Discounts are always prioritized by retailers to boost sales. This is an effective way to help sales increase sharply and boost the return rate of purchases if the voucher is attractive enough and the campaign is well implemented.

Popular voucher drop strategies in retail aim to:

  1. Attract new customers
  2. Retain existing customers
  3. Clear inventory
  4. New product advertising
  5. Increase sales in peak season

However, the advantages of this “heavy weapon” have been shaken by the extremely rugged coverage of E-commerce in the past 5 years.

The battle to distribute vouchers with e-commerce

The voucher war between retailers and e-commerce is part of a fierce competition to attract new customers and increase sales. There is no denying the role of e-commerce in supporting sales, but retail businesses still striv to promote independent revenue.

E-commerce platforms boast a substantial budget combined with the advantages of social media. Consequently, the reach of voucher distribution campaigns on e-commerce platforms far surpasses that of retailers.

So, what advantage do  retailers have  in this war?

Besides offering a direct in-store shopping experience, which creates  a connection between the product and the customer. Retailers can actively create special promotions, membership programs or distribute personalized vouchers for customers to come to buy more often. Above all, with owning its own customer base, retail businesses can completely achieve the goal of conquering customers and increasing revenue in the battle of voucher distribution.

Heavy weapons need to be honed!

Inadequacies of traditional voucher distribution

One of the ways for traditional vouchers of retail businesses is to send messages to existing customers via SMS because it is a communication way that is suitable for the advantage of the retailer’s own customer segmentation. Besides, there are also common ways to launch a reduced amount of codes and ask customers to enter the code in the shopping cart payment section. These methods are often monotonous, not bringing much emotional value to customers.

New-style vouchers with The Master Channel

The Master Channel is a concept initiated by the PangoCDP team and PhD. Dinh Mong Kha, is defined as the main interaction channel that helps businesses connect with customers. Compared to the concept of Omnichannel, businesses when investing in The Master Channel mean focusing resources on 1 main channel to create better experiences for customers at a lower cost. The Master Channel is built on the basis of customer data combined with popular Super Apps such as Zalo, MoMo,….

The “super privilege” point of sending a voucher through The Master Channel is the emotional, personal and unique “make-up” message of the brand. Customers can find online channels as well as store locations to exchange vouchers, which stimulates customers shopping needs because of convenience.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

In terms of experience, customers will be reminded to use if they have not used the voucher or will receive personalized messages to encourage purchases. The marketing/sale team of the retail business is actively initiating appropriate messaging campaigns, flexible to change the message/promotional information thanks to the real-time report update that provides detailed information about the status of receiving the voucher, whether it is interested or not, how many people redeem and redeem at which store.

With the support of the PangoCDP team, distributing vouchers through The Master Channel also combines many different goals.

One of PangoCDP’s loyal customers, Couple TX has launched a series of voucher drop campaigns. The most typical is the voucher distribution campaign for the opening of a new store in Thu Duc city.

Besides sending vouchers to activate the sale, Couple TX has another goal of collecting survey information to see where customers know the store is from.

PangoCDP has proposed that Couple TX choose Zalo as The Master Channel and offer a solution to send SMS messages with a link to Pango Form to gather information from customers and invite them to follow Zalo Official Account (OA). After filling out the form, customers will receive a voucher to use for purchase at Couple TX.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

The PangoCDP system for business provides detailed reports to track the time of form opens submission, OA follow, all in real-time. These indicators help retailers optimize campaign effectiveness and be ready for the next marketing strategies.

Moreover, there is a psychological truth that the easier it is to have, the easier it is to access, the less valued it is for people. This is also applied in issuing vouchers. If the business can personalize the message of sending a voucher to each specific group of customers, making them feel that the brand knows them, they are treated especially, the emotional value of the voucher will be multiplied.

In order for the voucher to become the ultimate weapon of the business, you need to change the way you distribute the voucher from today!

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
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Thanh Tran

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