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Improve customer experience by building The Master Channel through Zalo channel

The purpose of The Master Channel was to help companies create extensive customer service and engagement platforms. In June 2022, the Pango team and PhD. Dinh Mong Kha introduced the idea to over fifty of the top FMCG, retail, pharmacy, and fashion companies.
24 May 2024
PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

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As texting becomes an essential habit for individuals, businesses are quickly devoting resources to enhance the user experience through this interactive channel.

For the majority of users in Vietnam, texting has become a common activity. It should come as no surprise that over 84% of respondents are open to communicating with businesses via text messaging to inquire about products, make purchases, and learn about post-purchase requirements. Zalo is one of the most widely used platforms, with tens of millions of users across the country in both provinces and cities.

Zalo’s strong development

According to a report by Decision Lab, the number of regular users of Zalo reached 74.7 million on February 2023. On average, about 2 billion messages are sent via Zalo every day.

Businesses have also invested in this interactive channel, with chatbots replacing the human resources department to receive requests from customers. However, the value of this interactive channel can increase many times if businesses proactively personalize messages sent to customers.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
The event “Build and Warm the Master Channel – Season 2: The Master Trend” takes place on December 8

The Master Channel was created to support companies in creating extensive channels for communication and customer service. In June 2022, the Pango team and PhD. Dinh Mong Kha presented the idea to over fifty of the top FMCG, retail, pharmacy, and fashion companies.

The primary interactive channel that supports customer connections between businesses and consumers is known as The Master Channel. When organizations invest in The Master Channel, as opposed to the omnichannel, they concentrate resources on one primary channel to provide customers with superior experiences at a reduced cost. The Master Channel is constructed using a customer data platform along with well-known Super Apps like MoMo, Zalo.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
PhD. Dinh Mong Kha – CEO VietGuys – shared at the event “Build and Warm the Master Channel – Season 2: The Master Trend”

Complete client support on Zalo via the Master Channel

The Master Channel is an interactive channel that utilizes services and solutions like SMS brand names, emails, and other communication channels  to connect all parties involved with end customers or business outlets.

Customers will receive complete attention and find it easier to communicate with enterprises thanks to The Master Channel. Meanwhile, companies can enhance their ability to “keep warm” by fostering relationships with clients through  various engagement strategies, aiding in long-term client retention.

With over 73 million active users, Zalo is being selected by numerous businesses to develop The Master Channel that reaches and service clients via the PangoCDP system.

PangoCDP is a customer data platform that helps unify customer data across all touchpoints from online to offline, into a single and secure platform. The system provides detailed and meaningful information to help marketing deliver a consistent, targeted experience that is relevant to the context and each customer across channels.

In line with this trend, Zalo has developed several solutions in recent years to assist companies in creating The Master Channels, including the Zalo Official Account (OA), Zalo Ads, ZNS, Zalo Shop, and Zalo Mini App. These solutions-developing interactive games, messaging, voice calling, chatbots, constructing loyalty programs,…are designed to help businesses create a more engaging environment for their customers. This enhances sales, care services, and brand awareness.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
Many businesses choose Zalo as their Master Channel to optimize costs and provide comprehensive customer care.

Through The Master Channel via Zalo, businesses can directly send promotional information, new products, and services to appropriate customers, measure interest rates and sales results, and provide loyalty experiences, membership levels, accumulated points, etc. They can proactively remind customers about incentives right within Zalo, increase members “active” rates, thereby directly boosting sales.

In addition, businesses can offer diverse interactive activities with customers through mini games to win prizes, surveys, fill out information, and receive gifts. These activities will help businesses rapidly grow the quantity and quality of customer data. They can also directly connect customers with previous support staff—”human  to human” – to improve the quality of customer service, demonstrating the brand’s professionalism.

With the advantages of user experience and cost optimization, Zalo is currently a channel chosen by many large businesses to develop business activities and take care of customers online.

Besides benefiting from Zalo, businesses still need to proactively improve the efficiency of customer interaction and care activities based on PangoCDP. This is crucial for driving growth and sustaining brand engagement with customers.


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