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The Customer Data Story of Enterprise

The concepts of digital transformation, Omni Channel,... all revolve around the story of building a plan to collect and manage customer data.
Thanh Tran
06 May 2024
PangoCDP • Nền tảng thống nhất dữ liệu khách hàng

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PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel
Customer data is considered a keyword and is every business’s growth plan

In recent years, customer data has become a pivotal aspect of every business’s growth strategy… Concepts such as digital transformation and omnichannel revolve around the story of developing comprehensive plans to collect and manage customer data, enriching information about customers, thereby offering business development plans.

In the past, businesses primarily focused on building distribution channels. Up to now, distribution channels still account for a great weight in the total revenue of the business. The interaction between the business and the end customer is often not directly but through retail outlets.

Customer data category

For every business, discussing customer data, entails two primary categories of tasks:

  • The first priority is acquiring new customers, involving communication activities and annual marketing budget planning with significant emphasis on developing new customer relationships.
  • The second category involves retaining the existing customer base and maximizing their value. Communication channels mainly consist of direct approaches such as email, SMS, or even telesales.

This topic will provide an overview of the current state of data management in Vietnamese businesses. PangoCDP team will also offer practical suggestions for feasible options, enabling businesses to begin planning and leveraging data as a key driver for growth.

The reason for the data distribution

Talk about customer data at Vietnamese businesses. Temporarily ignore businesses that have not invested in any Customer Information Management system such as CRM.

Businesses will have their own systems tailored to serve the operational goals of each department.

Customer information is also very important to businesses, so systems such as CRM will be invested next. However, the thorough use of CRM features is not possible by many businesses. Much of it will be in saving customer information, controlling the status of sales. And some customer care jobs like birthdays through email or message interaction channels.

The business has a large number of customers

For businesses with a large number of customers, service quality control becomes complicated. And also very important in maintaining the quality of service with customers. The Customer Service system will also be invested.

Retail business

For retail businesses, the store system will need a lot of inventory management and order management. Point of Sale (POS) system, helping points of sale manage the list of goods, promotions and calculate the order value.

Long-term business

For businesses with a long operating time in the market. Software systems are built sequentially over many years. To connect activities between departments, systems also need to be integrated in terms of data, the output of one system is the input of another system.

Businesses also realize that data needs to be centralized in one place to manage overall information about operations. Data warehouse systems are born with reporting analysis (BI) tools.

Thus, data dispersion is a story that will last a long time in businesses. The need to gather data about a particular customer data has become urgent. For businesses to have a comprehensive perspective on customers for business development.

Data set

The PangoCDP team has successfully implemented the collection of data from different systems of the business, in fact this job is not easy.

Data statistics

The first work of data collection will begin with a statistical system of data sources, a long list of image systems that will be surveyed through each department and the IT team.

Businesses will largely not be able to evaluate all the systems that departments are using. When doing this survey and evaluation work, businesses will discover a lot of data vulnerabilities as well as the lack of connectivity of the systems.

Collect data about a place

The next thing after the survey will be the plan to bring the data to a place. For each different system, the options will have to be discussed with the system suppliers. Some partners are not willing to do the work of opening the system or bringing the data back. Or can do it but it will take a lot of time

Data analysis

Another factor that should also be taken into account is the frequency of data updates. For business or marketing zone needs, instant data is needed to make interactions with customers. Then the image systems must be updated regularly and in real time.

Some information is more important or does not need to be immediately, the system can set a schedule to bring the data back.

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

One of the issues that needs to be controlled is where the data connection is correct or not?

With dozens of connections to different systems, a problem at any connection is inevitable. The system will have to automatically alert. If the data is not returned as configured for the support teams to check and fix

Data collection is not simply making connections, data about users needs to be merged to see the complete picture.

The technologies built into PangoCDP’s database platform have performed the majority of data consolidation (Unify) work based on data sources from integrated systems.

To make the data ready to use, of course, it takes many steps to process after it has been assembled. Details for this section will be covered in the following topics.

About the PangoCDP team 

PangoCDP • Build and Warm the Master Channel

With PangoCDP, processing customer data is simpler than ever.Businesses will be freed from the complexity of technology and the scarcity of tech personnel, thereby focusing resources on creating and building excellent experiences on the interactive channel “The Master Channel”

PangoCDP’s approach is drawn from the experience of more than 70 famous businesses. We develop product features from a business perspective to understand the practical implementation channel. The specifics of the management and distribution model of Vietnamese enterprises, especially within the FMCG group and chain retail, have caused a lot of difficulties and costs for businesses when applying international software platforms.

The founding team of PangoCDP are experts with over 20 years of experience working in the field of developing, consulting and implementing technology solutions for FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing and Service businesses.

Pursuing 3 core values is a deep understanding of the needs of the business, committing to accompany the development with the business and constantly creating and improving, in 6 years of operation, we provide solutions to more than 30 marketing teams from leading corporations. Some outstanding brands that PangoCDP have cooperated with can be mentioned such as Nutifood, CellphoneS, Mykingdom, Yody, AB Inbev, Highlands Coffee, Pizza Hut,…

Thanh Tran

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